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Our Vision of Architecture

“Design challenging projects that make a difference on the cityscape”.

E.Morell-Rivera Architects & Consultants, PSC. (EMR-A&C) is a full service architectural / engineer practice with a strong focus on innovative solutions, new technologies and creative approaches to the client’s needs. EMR-A&C brings personal and intimate attention on a daily basis to each of its projects, without a rigid hierarchy. Our team excels in skill, creativity, expertise and commitment, and because of these qualities the collaboration of all disciplines and parties involved, including the client, invariably results in better projects. EMR-A&C’s general philosophy revolves around improving the built environment, whether a small or large project; better design improves people’s lives.

At EMR-A&C, projects begin with imaginative solutions and are developed into reality. We constantly evolve to provide our clients with innovative ideas that translate into memorable results. The number of commissions the firm accepts is carefully limited to ensure a high degree of personal involvement by the principal and collaborators in order to produce the best possible building facilities for each circumstance.

EMR-A&C is not constrained by a personal style or a signature that would limit our architecture; instead, it celebrates the unique characteristics of each project. We see architecture as a fluid science, constantly changing and striving to find solutions while challenging the status quo, in order to attain the best result possible. By providing for the proper housing of human beings, architecture performs as the environment of human necessities. In our endeavors as designers, we strongly commit to giving our best in each project. That is our privilege.


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