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  • Consulting Experience

    • LMC & Associates, Psc. – Edgar Morell-Rivera (Architect of Record)

    San German Fun & Surf Water Park Municipality Of San German, PR

    The park was initially designed as a theme park instead of a water park in order to give it more versatility and life during the different work seasons of the year. The park itself counts with three main attractions: aquatic, adventure and contemplation. All this supported by a group of buildings that make the park functions both safe and enjoyable.

    Fajardo Ferry Terminal Renovation Project
    Dtop; Atm, Fajardo PR
    Fajardo Ferry Ticket Sales Building
    Dtop; Atm, Fajardo PR

    This new building will accommodate the ferry’s ticket sales activity and the administrative office required for this king of business. The new ICF structure will replace the existing CMU and wood building which become obsolete after being damage by a hurricane

    Rio Grande Medical Center And Emergency Service
    Rio Grande, PR

    The medical center is a 3 story height concrete, steel, glass and pre-fabricated elements building. It will have approximated 20,598 SF. Among its facilities there will be an 24 hours emergency adult and pediatric suite, an imaging center, commercial spaces and medical offices.

    • CH Caribe (formally Lgscott) – Edgar Morell-Rivera (Architect of Record)

  • The Temodar/ Sarasar Mfg. Facilities Project,

    Schering-Plough, Lpo, Las Piedras, PR

    The project consists of the remodeling of an existing building to accommodate two new production and packaging lines. The architectural scope of work for this project was providing an adequate and efficient layout for the production/process rooms and the packaging lines activities (manufacturing) required for both products. A very important fact about theses products is that both have raw materials that are highly toxic (cytotoxic) and a containment process is required up to the packaging lines. Both products’ areas shall be separate to avoid cross contamination and because of that, separate entrances for the raw material and separate exits for the finish products were provided in the layout. In the same way, personnel entry to both production areas will be through separate airlocks and gowning rooms. The personnel exits from each area are through separate airlocks and wet showers that end at a common locker room. The selection of the cGMP room’s finishes were made according to the Temodar / Sarasar process. Temodar primary product has a Dust Explosion Risk as per MSDS, therefore the manufacturing areas where combustible dust is present were provided with Explosion Controls as required by UBC and NFPA Codes.

    Quality & Compliance Laboratory Upgrade Project

    Preliminary Wyeth, Carolina, PR

    The QC Laboratory Upgrade Project consists of the relocation of two laboratories of the Quality Control Department at Building “C” (Piperacillin) at the Wyeth, Carolina site. The affected area is an existing building, whose growth potential is limited. The scope of work was relocating the existing Chemical laboratory to an expansion and divided into two new laboratories, a Chemical and Analytical. A three stories expansion of 14,232.69 sf to Building “C” was necessary in order to meet the program needs of the two new laboratories and a mechanical penthouse. The exterior elevations followed the same architectural vocabulary of the existing building.

    • IPS– Edgar Morell-Rivera (Architect of Record)

    Orencia Secondary Packaging Project Bristol - Myers Squibb Company,

    Manati, PR

    The Orencia project consist of the design to provide capability to wash, inspect, package and cold store Orencia finished product at the BMS Manatí facility to accommodate launch and future volumes for Orencia. The scope of this project provides a packaging operation that will consist of three independent operations: External vial washing, encoding and cap inspection; Vial inspection – headspace and cosmetic; Vial labeling and clamshell assembly.

    • AJQ Engineers – Edgar Morell-Rivera (Architect of Record)

    Yauco Waste Water Treatment Plant Improvements

    Yauco, PR

    Performed all architectural designs including Headworks, Chlorination, Belt Press and Main Office buildings for a 7.0 MGD waste water treatment upgrade.

  • Government / Institutional

    • Prasa Headquarters New Cafeteria

    Remodel of an existing office space to accommodate the Headquarters’ New Cafeteria at Barbosa Avenue in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

    • Prasa Metro Region Offices

    Interior remodeling work to improve an existing vacant area in the 9th floor to accommodate the new offices for the Metro Group at PRASA HQ Building.

    • Department Of Health, Office Of Public Health Preparedness And Response, Facilities Remodel And Expansion

    Río Piedras, PR

    The project objective was to reorganize the internal spatial distribution of an existing building area (3,595 S.F. approximately), not in use, to improve and create a new planned space for the new managers and officials’ offices. And to complete an unfinished remodeled area (1,823 SF approximately) to accommodate the new office director and a new multi-media conference room. Also a new Learning / Training Center and a new lunchroom at an existing office area (1,257 SF approximately) where design as well the building façade was refurbish. The idea is give to the building a sound aspect correlative to the occupancy activity changing the current metal siding aspect. The existing metal siding panels will be covered with an exterior insulation finish system (EIFS) providing more thermal and sound insulation (energetic and privacy consideration). In the same, way the existing metal security grills at windows will be removed. The security grills will not be any longer necessary because existing windows will be replaced with security windows. In addition, the roof, gutter and downspout will be cleaned and painted as well as the canopy’s entrance and the CMU/concrete rear wall.

    • Department of Health, Modular Laboratories BSL-2/3

    San Juan, PR

    Architect of Record responsible for the design of the site improvements, security system and guardhouse station and the modules structure’s coordination for the first bio-safety laboratory, level 2/3, in PR.

    • Department Of Health, Pavilion “J” & “H” Remodel

    Río Piedras, PR

    These two buildings were originally used as psychiatric institutional pavilions. They are now equipped with new mechanical and electrical systems and upon the remodel they now house the new administrative offices for the Department of Health. All areas were carefully developed to comply with both the building codes requirements and the client’s budget. This project included, structural analysis and lead and asbestos contamination assessments. Our firm provided the construction management, material procurement, field support and inspection throughout construction.

    • Puerto Rico Housing Department, Comunidades Especiales

    Provide all the necessary services to analyze, study and evaluate the economic and architectonic feasibility of the project, in order to rehabilitate community.

    • Barrio Cruz Sector Isleta

    Moca, PR

    • Barrio Jagüitas Sector El Hoyo, Sector Lavadero

    Hormigueros, PR

    • Une – Universidad Del Este, Door Replacement

    Project Carolina , PR

    • Iglesia Cristiana Refugio De Amor Y Esperanza

    Barranquitas, PR

  • Commercial

    • New Façade For Coopertiva De Ahorro Y Credito Oficiales De Custodia, (Custocoop)

      Rio Piedras, PR

      The existing building façade is to be demolished and rebuilt with a design intent to give it character and precense in the street where it is located, Americo Miranda. The existing entrance shall be changed to provide a ramp that complies with ADAAG for universal accesability.

    • City Buffet Restaurant, Los Colobos Mall

    Carolina, PR

    • Careers Inc. Office Expansion And Improvement, Banco Popular Building,

    Hato Rey, PR

  • Residential

    • Castello Medici, Condominiun Residential Complex

    Guaynabo, PR

    Castello Medici is a residential Condominium that will be home for 167 families. The apartments at Castello Medici are distributed between two twelve-floor towers and the Condominium will provide facilities for an array of activities and needs. Among these facilities there will be: visitor’s parking spaces, 24- hour security, extensive security and alarm system, Smart House facilities, Water-cistern with capacity to fully provide for the building’s needs, Energy generator for all apartments and common areas, Private storage areas, recreational pool area for adults, Recreational children’s pool area, Lap pool, Jacuzzis, 200 mts. Long protected jogging-track, basketball/volleyball court, racketball court, platform tennis court, toddler’s and infant play ground, Equipped Gym, 8,000 sf. Gathering and Activities Room, Outdoor barbecue area, recreational “nature trail”, Day-care and/or tutorials area for toddlers and infants of school age, entertainment indoor area for teenagers and adults, exterior passive recreational areas & Administrative areas.

    • Haras Del Rio, Preliminary Development

    Rio Grande, PR

    Architectural Design and production of documents.

    • Terrazas De Mountain View, Anteproyecto

    Carolina, PR

    • San Jose Row-Houses, Monte Verde Development

    Fajardo, PR

    • Morell-Santini Residence Expansion

    Guaynabo, PR

  • Inspection, Supervision and Construction Management

    • Government / Institutional

    Edgar Morell-Rivera, Architect Of Record

    Construction Management For Playground Construction Public Art Project,

    San Juan, PR

    • Construction Management And Inspection For Department Of Health, Pavilion “J” & “H” Remodel

    Río Piedras, PR

    • Supervision For Puerto Rico Housing Department, Comunidades Especiales Barrio Cruz Sector

    Isleta Moca, PR

    • Supervision For Puerto Rico Housing Department, Barrio Jagüitas Sector El Hoyo & Sector Lavadero

    Hormigueros, PR

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