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Castello Medicci
Custo Coop
Fajardo Ticket Sales Building
La Marquesa
Res. Dueña Ramos
Rio Grande Medical Center
Surf And Fun San German
Prasa Yauco
Prasa Cafeteria
Escuela Siglo 21



Department Of Health, Office Of Public Health Preparedness And Response, Facilities Remodel And Expansion

Río Piedras, PR

The project objective was to reorganize the internal spatial distribution of an existing building area (3,595 S.F. approximately), not in use, to improve and create a new planned space for the new managers and officials’ offices. And to complete an unfinished remodeled area (1,823 SF approximately) to accommodate the new office director and a new multi-media conference room. Also a new Learning / Training Center and a new lunchroom at an existing office area (1,257 SF approximately) where design as well the building façade was refurbish. The idea is give to the building a sound aspect correlative to the occupancy activity changing the current metal siding aspect. The existing metal siding panels will be covered with an exterior insulation finish system (EIFS) providing more thermal and sound insulation (energetic and privacy consideration). In the same, way the existing metal security grills at windows will be removed. The security grills will not be any longer necessary because existing windows will be replaced with security windows. In addition, the roof, gutter and downspout will be cleaned and painted as well as the canopy’s entrance and the CMU/concrete rear wall.


E. Morell Rivera - Architects & Consultants

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