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lobby sketch

Yauco, PR

Program: Warehouse, Exterior Lobby, Guard House with Fence

Big metal box seeking to contain materials and in-house workshop area for the AAA brigades
Exterior Lobby
Existing in this site originally were a series of trailers. The client despising how this looks wanted us as architects to come up with a way of disguising the trailers from plain view and create a more consolidated office look.
As a design strategy we dicided to shift and offset the current silouette of the trailers in order to define a new front that could distract from the trailers box like composition. In elevation long horizontal lines were esablished through out the materials in order to gave a more unified appearance.
Guardhouse with ornamental fence
The main goal here was to create a front to which any one could easily recognize that this area was property of the water company of Puerto Rico AAA. In order to establish this, We used the companies logo, the water drops, and created a metal fence that follows the logos pattern.


E. Morell Rivera - Architects & Consultants

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