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La Marquesa

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San Juan, PR

La Marquesa Aereal Tramway Terminal design has been inspired by the Trade Winds’ upward movement. Located facing north, the Main Station has allowed for the placement of an open Rotonda towards the northeast. Through this Plaza is where the breezes generously flow replicating the tramway’s ascending movement following the mountain’s sinuous contour towards the South Terminal.

The movement, curvy and fluid, becomes the theme and the recurring image repeated by the roof lines for both Terminals. The Main Plaza boasts a strategic orientation, which benefits from the breezes and provides for the convergence of the access Bridge to the Main Terminal. In turn, the Bridge presents elements that gradually transition to simulate the organic progresión of a stalk as it ends to meet the base of the new leaf. In this movement, the leaf becomes the Main Terminal’s ceiling under which La Marquesa aereal tramway can be found nesting. The roof line’s vocabulary and movement is preserved in the South Terminal, but at this point the leaf, fully open, has reconfigured itself to progressively become the terminal’s gabled roof. This architectural element echoes the details already seen in the Main Station and its surroundings.

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